Sangha Night

Following Government guidance we are suspending classes at the Buddhist Centre. Our online classes will continue.

Thursdays 7.30-9.00pm

Suitable for those who have been coming to the Buddhist Centre for more than three months. Hosted by Singhamati and Team.

At the heart of the Birmingham Buddhist Centre is a community of people that are exploring and practising Buddhism – this is the sangha. Every Thursday night is Sangha Night, where we come together to create a place of friendship, connection and depth, whilst enjoying collective meditation, Dharma and devotional practice. Like most of our events, it is run on a donation basis.

You don’t need to book to attend online. The login for the class is here. Meeting ID: 845 7850 1931.

November: The Taste of Freedom

The mighty ocean has one taste, the taste of salt. Just so, the Dharma has one taste, the taste of freedom.” The Buddha

At the heart of Buddhism is Enlightenment, or Freedom.  What is Freedom? How do we discover the taste of it?  Join us in this series to explore these exciting questions.  We will be looking at them through the lens of loosening and breaking the first three fetters: a belief in an essential unchanging self; of attachment to religious observances as ends in themselves; and doubt and indecision. Come and find out more.…

5 November: The Taste of Freedom. Dharmashalin

12 November: The Fetter of Attachment to Religious Observances. Maitrisara

19 November: The Fetter of a Belief in an Essential Unchanging Self. Balajit

26 November: The Fetter of Doubt and Indecision.  Singhamati


3 December: By Zoom from Kent, Danapriya with a talk “Actions have Consequences” including themes from his new book It’s Not Out There, exploring how we can see differently and live an extraordinary ordinary life. 

Danapriya's new bookDanapriya's new book

10 December: Mitra ceremonies
(in person by invitation only, otherwise online)
Becoming a Mitra is an important step in the spiritual life of an individual and an opportunity to rejoice as a community.  You are warmly invited to come and celebrate the Mitra Ceremonies of Fozia, Cynthia, Jo, Brian, Steve, Sean, Anna, Tash and Lucy.  In person spaces are limited and are by invitation only but all welcome on Zoom (meeting ID: 845 7850 1931).
17 December: Chair’s Handover Ceremony
(in person by invitation only, otherwise online)
We are sad to be saying goodbye to Singhamati who has brought so many qualities and skills to her time as Centre Chair. Maitrisara has been appointed as Chair going forward. Please join us for the ritual handover from Singhamati to Maitrisara, a ceremony in which a symbolic object is ritually passed on. In person spaces are limited and are by invitation only but all are welcome on Zoom (meeting ID: 845 7850 1931).