Going Deeper

Once you have completed our two introductory courses, you can continue your exploration in the courses called Going Deeper. You don’t need to think of yourself as a Buddhist, just someone who is interested.

Each series, on a particular theme, is designed to support you in deepening your understanding and practice of Buddhist ideas and meditation. Going deeper can help you apply Buddhist teachings in your life, developing greater mindfulness, positive emotion and wisdom. With greater awareness and kindness we can transform ourselves and the way we relate to other people and the world, making our lives more honest, meaningful and enjoyable.

There is no charge for Going Deeper but please make a donation when booking or online here.


Next series: Supporting Each Other in Meditation

With Dhammaloka

What is it like when you meditate … exactly? To effectively support another person in their meditation practice you don’t need to be a ‘good’ meditator yourself. Rather, you must carefully listen to how they describe their experience and then ask precise questions which help them to become finely aware of how they are aware. This is what we will train ourselves in in this course.

Tuesdays from 9 January – 13 February

Sessions run from 7:15-9:15pm with a tea break in the middle. Doors open at 7pm, feel free to arrive from then for a drink and a time to chat a bit more.

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