Group Visits

At the Birmingham Buddhist Centre we host educational visits for young people of all ages. We provide engaging, interactive and thought-provoking workshops about Buddhism and mindfulness. Our sessions are delivered by experienced practising Buddhists who will illustrate the key principles and values of Buddhism, whilst showing what being a Buddhist can look like in the modern world.

What does it cost?
Visits typically last either one or two hours. A one-hour visit costs £70 and a two-hour visit costs £4 per student (with a minimum charge of £100). Longer visits will include a short break with refreshments provided. At the moment we can only accommodate a maximum of 30 students at one time although we hope to increase our capacity in the future

How do I book?
Educational visits normally take place on Tuesday or Wednesday mornings although we can sometimes accommodate visits outside of these times. Please get in touch using the booking form so that we can find dates and times for your visit.

What will we learn?
We aim to provide varied and engaging experiences for students of different ages. In a 2-hour visit students can encounter more aspects of Buddhism using different spaces within the Centre.

Topics we often cover are:
∙ Stories from the Buddha’s life
∙ Exploring the main Shrine Room and artefacts + Q&A
∙ Introduction to Buddhist teachings and principles
∙ Mindfulness and the practice of meditation

We are also happy to develop other activities with you that suit the needs and learning objectives of your group.

To make an enquiry:

Please fill out this form and we will get back to you.

If you have more questions not answered here and would like to know more then contact or call 0121 449 52679. We can accommodate visits for other groups of children or adults – contact us directly with any other enquiry.

Golden Buddha statue with a yellow cloth around his neck and some yellow roses in the foreground.
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