Kindness, compassion, love, care, a sense of good will are some of the essential qualities within Buddhism. Aiming to generate more positive emotion, towards self and towards others, and at it’s most expansive including all living beings across the world.

Kindness doesn’t necessarily mean something nice and fluffy, or being a doormat letting people walk all over you. Sometimes it’s discipline, sometimes it’s saying no and setting boundaries. Other times it’s a going for a hike or jog, moving your body, or curling up and reading a good book.


Developing awareness is the main aim of why we meditate, and one of the benefits. By being aware we can learn to be more in control of how we react to situations, able to find the gap and choose a response.

We can also tune into ourselves and the world more deeply, and learn to live from a place of inspiration and connection and aligned to our own values.


Community is absolutely essential to the spiritual life, and a core thing at the Birmingham Buddhist Centre.

Being with others to explore our experiences, those that know more than us and also with peers are both beneficial to growth and development.


The Birmingham Buddhist Centre is based in Moseley and part of the worldwide Triratna Buddhist Community. The Buddha discovered what it means to fulfill human potential, and develop compassion and wisdom without limit. Anyone’s life can be enriched by practising what he taught. The Centre exists to teach meditation and Buddhism in an accessible and relevant way and can help relieve stresses of modern life.

Ratnasambhava: a Buddhist statue, wearing yellow robes. The right hand stretched out in front the right knee with an open handed, generosity mudra.

” And think of every living thing without exception:
the weak and the strong, from the smallest to the largest, whether you can see them or not, living nearby or far away, beings living now or yet to arise – may all beings become happy in their heart of hearts!