Events for Men

Men-only activities enable men to practise Buddhism under the guidance of men Order members. If a man wishes to join the Triratna Buddhist Order, it will be largely on the basis of friendships with other more experienced men who can help him towards that step and one of them (his preceptor) will ordain him.

After a few series of Going Deeper classes (Tuesdays) or some months at Sangha Night (Thursdays) you may wish to join a group on a Wednesday evening to study the Foundation Course. An Order member will lead a group of 8-10, a situation which fosters the kind of trust and companionship that leads to progress and depth. Ask Dharmashalin ( if you would like to know more. (You may have to wait a few months for a place in a Wednesday group to become available.)

Following the Foundation Course is a 3-year course for Mitras. A Mitra (‘friend’) is someone who has made a commitment, at a special ceremony, to practise as a Buddhist in the Triratna Buddhist Community. There is more information about becoming a Mitra here.  Please get in touch with Dharmashalin if you would like to talk about this.


Men’s Weekend Retreat: A Mandala of Awakening

13-15 December

13-15 December at Anybody’s Barn, near Malvern

Through short talks, discussion, meditation and ritual, we’ll be contemplating the awe-inspiring beauty, qualities and symbolism of the Mandala of the Five Buddhas and  reflecting on our responses to them. Important to this mandala are the animals that support the Buddhas, representing the opportunities to transform our deep, powerful, instinctive energies into the qualities of Enlightenment.

Led by Shuddhakirti and Sangharuci. Book at and pay the deposit £45. The total cost is £110. (£70 low income).