Going Deeper

We are gradually restarting classes at the Buddhist Centre, but our online classes will continue for the time being.

Wherever you are, try to be mindful and take care of yourselves and others.

On Tuesdays, once you have completed an Introductory Course or two, you can continue your exploration in Going Deeper. You don’t need to think of yourself as a Buddhist, just someone who’s interested.

Each Going Deeper series on a particular theme is designed to support you in deepening your understanding  and practice of Buddhist ideas and meditation. Going Deeper can help you apply Buddhist teachings in your life, developing greater mindfulness, positive emotion and wisdom. With greater awareness and kindness we can transform ourselves and the way we relate to other people and the world, making our lives more honest, meaningful and enjoyable.

Going Deeper Online: Investigating Ethics

Tuesdays 29 September-3 November 7.30-9.00pm

Led by Nagadevi and Shantiprabha

What is it to be ethical? What does Buddhism have to say about this and why does it matter anyway? Explore this and other practical questions alongside a chance to meditate and discuss with others.

Next series starts Tuesday 10 November.

Exploring the Metta Bhavana
Led by Dharmashalin
Tuesdays 10 November-15 December 7.30-9.00pm
You will have learnt the basics of the metta bhavana within weeks of coming to our classes, but there’s a world of richness within the practice. Over 6 weeks we’ll look at different approaches, the principles behind the different stages and hopefully cultivate greater confidence and commitment to this transformative practice.
Next series start 12 January and 22 February 2021

We also have a vibrant Sangha Night on Thursdays which you are welcome to attend if you’ve been coming to the Buddhist Centre regularly for 3 months or more.