Leaving a legacy

Making a Will is Important

The Buddha teaches us the importance of always remembering impermanence – the ever-changing, coming and going, never-quite-certain nature of things. He knew that if we really took the teaching of impermanence to heart, then almost everything else he taught would become clearer.

So making a will can be an inspiring and liberating practice in its own right. It is another way of thinking about what matters most, reflecting on letting go, giving up and passing on, which can have the taste of freedom.

You may have loved ones you want to care for. You may have good causes you would like to support. You may belong to a community that you want to help grow and prosper. Maybe you would like to help the Birmingham Buddhist Centre.

Next Steps

1. Reflect on your life and your values.

2. Write a will. It is good to get help, especially with the legal and financial details.

3. To include the Birmingham Buddhist Centre in your will you can use these recommended words: “I give as a charitable bequest (a specific amount, object or proportion of your residuary estate) to the Birmingham Buddhist Centre, charity number 516568.”

Improvements to the Buddhist Centre Made Possible by Legacies

– Reopening the main entrance
– Improving accessibility for visitors with mobility problems
– Creating a new reception area, shop and lobby
– Making two rooms from the old entrance corridor
– Building a “crystal corridor” to join together the different parts of the Buddhist Centre
– Improving the toilets and kitchen facilities
– Transforming old offices into the garden rooms
– Creating the Lotus Room for use by counsellors
– Refurbishing the Padma Room upstairs
– Relocating the Library downstairs