The Art of Dreaming with Arthabandhu

The Art of Dreaming with Arthabandhu

Open to all over 18.
Event run by donation – please give generously to support Arthabandhu
Bring Veggie food for a shared lunch


Dreams are for many an overlooked aspect of ourselves. Our modern culture rarely encourages us to give them much attention, however, Buddhism sees dreams as offering an opportunity for spiritual growth and even a path to Enlightenment.

The central theme of this day workshop will be to reconnect us with our dream lives and through this, reconnect us with a very essential part of ourselves. Recalling our dreams, broadens our awareness of ourselves to something beyond the ordinary and mundane, while bringing us into connection with deeper energy. Many of us as children directly felt the magic and wonder of dream experience but we have since grown more and more alienated from it. This needn’t be the case and together we can help one another discover the beauty and depths that are possible through truly honouring dreams.

Among other things we will look at:
– Practical ways we can develop a rich dreamlife
– What the Buddhist tradition has to say about dreams
– The benefits of bringing mindfulness and loving kindness into our dreams
– And how all this can benefit us during the waking state too