Dharma Night

Dharma Night


Thu 15 Feb 2024    
7:15 pm - 9:15 pm

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Dharma Night: The Buddha’s teachings for everyone

Transforming self and world with Karuna. Visiting speaker: Sanghamani

Every year Karuna supports communities in South Asia to create social change because people from Triratna volunteer to fundraise for the projects we work alongside. Karuna appeals are a way to grow and transform self and World whilst raising money.

Sanghamani will be speaking about her experience of this and sharing this year’s opportunities for volunteering. Appeals can be some of the best conditions for Dharma practice, giving you a sense of community living and practice, team based right livelihood, and excellent support to go deeper.

But rather than just tell you that, here’s a couple of quotes from a couple of last year’s fundraisers:
“It has been life changing for me as it has helped me to connect more deeply with others and be less self involved”- Saranaloka (Mid Essex Sangha)
“A Karuna Appeal is an opportunity for accelerated Dharma practice. It felt like a chance to loosen views and to be able to inhabit this practice daily over and over in the heroic context of meeting strangers”. – Dayāpradīpā (Portsmouth US).

Karuna is Triratna’s longest standing Team based right livelihood and fundraising as dharma practice is part of our history. If you are interested in taking your practice deeper, come and say hello and find out how we offer a skilful response to the suffering in the World.


No need to book. No charge – please make a donation.

Dharma night runs from 7:15 – 9:15pm every Thursday evening. Doors open at 7pm for a chance to chat and have tea before hand. Open to anyone who has completed an introductory course.

Every 7 weeks there will be a new theme, along with pujas and guest speakers. Each session is still stand alone, so you don’t have to come to every one in the series.



Sangha Night was running for 7 years, and now we have some new ideas, to make the evenings even better.

Starting from Jan 2024, Thursday nights at the Buddhist Centre will be a little different. Thursday’s Sangha Night becomes “Dharma Night: The Buddha’s teaching for everyone”

The name change enables us more easily to encourage everyone, even those that don’t consider themselves as ‘sangha’ quite yet, to come along and learn more about Buddhism. It is still the main evening of the week where people with different levels of experience from across the Sangha can come together, and the new format will give more time to each topic so we can go more in depth, benefiting those who already have an established practice too.

If you’d like to read more about this change, please click here.