Padmasambhava Day

Sunday 19 September, 10.30am-4.00pm
Led by Sthanasraddha and Dharmashalin
Padmasambhava; mythic founder of Tibetan Buddhism, transformer of blocked energies, difficulties and obstacles. This year we’ll be exploring the mythic and ritual dimension of Buddhism by blessing and consecrating the Padmasambhava rupa we have at the Buddhist Centre.
What is the place of blessing/consecration in Buddhism, you might ask? Isn’t it a philosophy more than a religion? The central teaching of Buddhism is that what and how we pay attention to makes a difference. By collectively turning our minds towards humanity’s capacity to grow, to live, to be free, we help bring about those states within ourselves and between us. Of course those are just words; come along and contribute to creating an atmosphere of awakening between us.
10.30 Welcome and meditation
11.30 Break
12.00 Talk: Who is Padmasambhava? Ritual as a practice of awareness and transformation.
1.00 Lunch: bring your own vegetarian packed lunch.
2.00 Meditation, Puja, Consecration of Padmasambhava Rupa
4.00 Finish
As part of the consecration we’ll be filling Padmasambhava with Dharma texts mantras, semi-precious stones and other treasures. It would be fantastic if you wanted to write a favourite Dharma quote on a mantra roll. This takes some preparation; the rolls will be available to pick up from the Buddhist Centre from Thursday 26 August. You’ll need to drop them back by Thursday 16 September so they can be prepared for the ritual. Book your place here.
Note: We won’t be streaming the day as it has a stronger ritual dimension which does not communicate itself well on Zoom.