Retreats in the countryside

Retreats offer the chance to break out of our usual routines and get a fresh perspective on our life. We can explore meditation and Buddhism much more deeply than is usually possible in an evening class at the Buddhist Centre.  These retreats are suitable for anyone who has already completed our Introduction to Buddhist meditation course, unless specified otherwise. Directions to the retreat location and information about the retreat are sent out upon booking or shortly before the retreat date.


Midland Women’s Weekend Retreat: Sraddha, Faith and Confidence

13-15 December

“Call forth as much of love, of respect and of faith.”

This retreat at Adhisthana, near Malvern, will explore the practice of faith and how it permeates our life.

Led by Vidyasara and Khemasiri, it is open to women familiar with the two meditation practices we teach in Triratna.

To book please email Visarada at and pay the deposit £45. The total cost is £110 (£70 low income rate).


Men’s Weekend Retreat: A Mandala of Awakening

13-15 December at Anybody’s Barn, near Malvern

Through short talks, discussion, meditation and ritual, we’ll be contemplating the awe-inspiring beauty, qualities and symbolism of the Mandala of the Five Buddhas and  reflecting on our responses to them. Important to this mandala are the animals that support the Buddhas, representing the opportunities to transform our deep, powerful, instinctive energies into the qualities of Enlightenment.

Led by Shuddhakirti and Sangharuci. Book at and pay the deposit £45. The total cost is £110. (£70 low income).


Retreat at the Buddhist Centre

Non-Residential Retreat: The Three Myths of the Spiritual Life

Saturday 28-Sunday 29 December (10.00am-5.00pm each day)

The three myths of self-discovery, self-development and self-surrender provide a useful framework for thinking about our Dharma lives. Which myth do we live out most? And what about the other myths we don’t turn to so much – can they be useful to us too? Come and join us for reflection, connection and inspiration.

Booking required, please contact Visarada . No charge, please make a donation.

Led by Dharmashalin, Maitrisara and Singhamati. We ask that you attend both days and bring vegan or vegetarian food to share for lunch each day.


You may wish also to visit the Triratna retreats website.