In the light of public health guidance, we have suspended our programme of retreats for the time being. Introductory Classes, Going Deeper and Sangha Night continue online at with an amended programme.

There is also a lot of useful and inspirational material freely available at Triratna’s online Buddhist Centre and Free Buddhist Audio.

Wherever you are, try to be mindful and take care of yourselves and others.

Retreats in the countryside

Retreats offer the chance to break out of our usual routines and get a fresh perspective on our life. We can explore meditation and Buddhism much more deeply than is usually possible in an evening class at the Buddhist Centre.  These retreats are suitable for anyone who has already completed our Introduction to Buddhist meditation course, unless specified otherwise. Directions to the retreat location and information about the retreat are sent out upon booking or shortly before the retreat date.


You may wish also to visit the Triratna retreats website.