Going Deeper

On Tuesdays, once you have completed an Introductory Course, you can then follow on with Going Deeper, dates below.  You can also attend other regular classes at the Centre.

Going Deeper helps us to apply Buddhist teachings in our lives and to develop greater mindfulness, positive emotion and wisdom. With greater awareness and kindness we can transform ourselves and the way we relate to other people and the world, making our lives more honest, meaningful and enjoyable. Simple steps to transform ourselves and our world. With support from experienced meditators, we can explore our limitless potential. Also see our other events for regulars.

Come along from 7.00pm for a cup of tea with the leaders and support team and a chance to ask your questions about meditation and Buddhism.


Going Deeper in Meditation & Buddhism:

Continue your exploration of the Buddhist path. No need to book. Try to come to the first week of each series if possible.

No charge – please make a donation if you can.

The Buddha’s Wisdom (led by Maitrisara and Vipulakirti)
13 June-18 July, 7.30 – 9.45pm (6 weeks)
We will be exploring aspects of the Buddha’s teaching including the worldly winds, impermanence, no self and the nature of suffering. We will also look at the real meaning and significance of karma – a well known but much misunderstood term. We will use a variety of methods to help us reflect more deeply on the questions that sit at the heart of our human experience.

Tuesdays 1 August-5 September (6 weeks) details to be confirmed