Retreats in the countryside

Retreats offer the chance to break out of our usual routines and get a fresh perspective on our life. We can explore meditation and Buddhism much more deeply than is usually possible in an evening class at the Buddhist Centre.  These retreats are suitable for anyone who has already completed our Introduction to Buddhist meditation course, unless specified otherwise. Directions to the retreat location and information about the retreat are sent out upon booking or shortly before the retreat date.

All residential weekend retreats listed below are £100 (or £65 concessionary rate). This includes food and lodging. Payments can be made directly to the Buddhist Centre office by cash or cheque (made payable to the Birmingham Buddhist Centre), or by an online transfer (please contact the office for details).
Please Note that booking for these retreats is essential and a non-refundable £40 deposit is required to secure a place. To book, please contact the Buddhist Centre Office by email: or phone: 0121 449 5279.

Birmingham Spring Retreat: Meeting the Buddha

23-30 March (booking required)

23- 30 March
Led by Maitrisara and Dharmashalin
Open to all
Cost £300/200 all inclusive
A week-long retreat is an excellent opportunity to connect with others and to practise meditation in a supportive environment. Living together as a community enables us to deepen a sense of sangha (spiritual community), and through being together in this way we get the opportunity to deepen friendships and form new ones.
The theme of the retreat is Meeting the Buddha. The Buddha is one of the Three Jewels to which we Go for Refuge. To develop trust in his guidance and his example, we need to find a way to develop a relationship with him. This relationship can emerge over a period of time, and in many cases takes active effort to nurture. Why is it important to feel a connection with the Buddha?  How do we create the conditions for that to unfold?
Drawing on the Pali Canon, some of the earliest teachings of Buddhism, we will learn how to study and reflect and ask:
Who is the Buddha and what can the Buddha teach us?
How can the Buddha help us live well?
How can the Buddha help us to be free?
To explore this theme there will be a range of activities in a daily programme of meditation, devotional practice, small groups, workshops and talks – with plenty of space in between to absorb the ideas and experiences and look at our own lives afresh in the light of them.
This year we have hired the YHA hostel in Coalbrookdale in Shropshire, located in a quiet position, adjacent to woodland. There we will conjure up our own realm of practice, our our Buddha Land. We will be in mostly shared rooms (2 or 3 in each) but do ask if you have particular needs. The retreat will include some periods of silence.
Haven’t been on a retreat before?
A retreat is a time for space, perspective, new experience and rejuvenation, time to get to know others and ourselves better. If you haven’t been on a retreat before, this retreat would also be suitable for you. In fact, even if you have never meditated, we can teach you that while we are there. A week-long retreat is an immersion in an experience which would be an excellent starting point if you decide to take things further.
Please contact Khemadana on for details of how to book.

Weekend Meditation Retreat

4-6 May at Adhisthana (booking necessary)

A regular meditation practice can be transformative , but can often get lost in the busyness and time pressures of everyday life. On this weekend led by Balajit we will be exploring ways to really deepen our practice – to help it become established and bring ever deeper benefits. There will be short talks, simple mindful movement, workshop activities and plenty of time for quiet sitting. As the retreat covers central principles, it is suitable for people who have completed a introductory course and for those more experienced.



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Weekend Meditation Retreat at Adhisthana 4-6 May

Non-Residential Weekend Retreat for Order Members and Mitras at the Buddhist Centre 10-12 August

Weekend Retreat (theme tbc) at Anybody’s Barn 21-23 September

Women’s Weekend Retreat at Adhisthana 14-16 December

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