Retreats in the countryside

Retreats offer the chance to break out of our usual routines and get a fresh perspective on our life. We can explore meditation and Buddhism much more deeply than is usually possible in an evening class at the Buddhist Centre.  These retreats are suitable for anyone who has already completed our Introduction to Buddhist meditation course, unless specified otherwise. Directions to the retreat location and information about the retreat are sent out upon booking or shortly before the retreat date.

All residential weekend retreats listed below are £100 (or £65 concessionary rate). This includes food and lodging. Payments can be made directly to the Buddhist Centre office by cash or cheque (made payable to the Birmingham Buddhist Centre), or by an online transfer (please contact the office for details).
Please Note that booking for these retreats is essential and a non-refundable £40 deposit is required to secure a place. To book, please contact the Buddhist Centre Office by email: or phone: 0121 449 5279.

White Tara Weekend Retreat

Friday 29 June – Sunday 1 July at Adhisthana

This weekend will be devoted to the Bodhisattva White Tara, whose special gift to those who love her is long life, wisdom and the deeply satisfying results of kindness to others.

It will have, well, almost everything: ritual, meditation, laughter, puja, good food and the lovely Herefordshire countryside. The emphasis will be on relaxation and taking our time, savouring our lives and cherishing our opportunities.

The retreat, led by Jnanaketu, Shubhra and Vipulakirti (all White Tara devotees) will be the sixth led by this team. It will begin with a meal at 6.45 p.m. on Friday and end after lunch on Sunday.

Open to all Triratna regulars (i.e. those who have been coming to the Buddhist Centre for at least 6 month and are therefore thoroughly familiar with the mindfulness of breathing, the metta bhavana, the Five Precepts and basic Dharma taught in Triratna.

Contact the Buddhist Centre office to book – Last year there was a waiting list, so book sooner rather than later.

All other enquiries about the retreat to Shubhra at

Non-Residential Weekend for Mitras and Order Members

10-12 August (booking necessary)

Views : Becoming more aware of how our thinking drives our lives

10-12 August at the Buddhist Centre

with Dharmashalin and Maitrisara

Starts at 6.30 on Friday (for dinner), ends 3pm on Sunday

How do we free ourselves from the habitual thinking patterns that shape our lives? What underlying tendencies do we commonly share which hinder our ability to see clearly? How do we apply wise attention when we notice our thinking has started to take on a life of its own? Come and join us for talks, workshops, groups, ritual and meditation.

Vegan food on Friday and Saturday evenings and breakfasts are provided but please bring food to share for Saturday and Sunday lunches.

Please book with Khemadana on or 0121 449 5279. Please specify any diet requests at the time of booking. No charge – please make a donation.



Other retreats organised by the Birmingham Buddhist Centre in 2018

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