Our contemplative gardens offer additional space for activities at the Buddhist Centre, as well as somewhere just to sit and relax or reflect. Green – the colour of growth and development – predominates, but with many points of interest. The gardens are maintained with the help of volunteers as part of their practice of generosity.

The first garden is designed to reflect the Mandala of the Five Buddhas, a traditional representation of the different aspects of the Buddha’s Enlightenment. You will notice the colour yellow to the south, red to the west, green to the north and blue to the east, with white in the centre. Given the variety of conditions around the garden, maintaining this colour scheme presents something of a challenge and, as you will see, we have not always been successful!

Next is the Fire Garden, with mixed planting, where we occasionally celebrate around a festive bonfire.

Beyond the laurel, under the trees, is the Wilderness where, with a little help, we let nature take its course. This is also where we make compost and leaf mould, as well as storing mulch and material suitable for the occasional fire.

Please feel free to ask questions about the garden. We hope you are able to enjoy the gardens when you visit the Buddhist Centre.