New Meditation Mentoring Project

For people who have completed one Going Deeper course and beyond.
With so many restrictions on gatherings, we are setting up a new project we can still do while in lockdown. The aim of the project is to support you to take your meditation practice deeper in dialogue with a more experienced practitioner.
# You will be allocated an Order member to mentor you.
# You can agree how often and how long to discuss your practice, but we’d suggest 20-30 mins every two weeks.
# You can agree how to meet but it could be a conversation by phone, on Zoom or you could also go for a socially distanced walk in the park together if you choose to and it is allowed at the time.
# You will have access to a webspace with suggestions and guidelines about how to get the most out of the opportunity. You can also contribute your ideas and experience there.
# We suggest that you start by focusing on your meditation practice but you might want to extend it to your Buddhist practice more generally.
Interested? Please email Dharmashalin with the following details:
# Name and contact details
# How many months/years you have been attending courses/classes at the Buddhist Centre
# Which of the following you might be free – weekday daytime, weekday evening or weekend (obviously to be arranged at a time to suit you and your mentor)