We are gradually restarting classes at the Buddhist Centre and our online classes will continue for the time being.

Introductory Courses

Next course at the Buddhist Centre: Tuesdays from 10 November, 7.30-9.00pm

A six-week course offering the chance to learn and practise meditation and explore the relevance of the Buddha’s teachings with like-minded people, in a warm and friendly environment. Our experienced teachers will introduce you to various concepts and practices, all of which can support a deeper exploration of what it’s like to be alive. A key focus will be how to live out qualities of awareness and kindness, both for our benefit and those around us.

No charge – please make a donation. This is an in-person course, taught here at Birmingham Buddhist Centre.  Booking is required  – please read our guidelines for attending an event in person and then click here to reserve your place.

Between classes you might find these led meditations helpful.

Our courses introduce you to mindfulness and loving kindness meditations, together with Buddhist ideas that can help you develop greater peace of mind and positive ways of living. We offer two distinct courses: “Towards Peace of Mind” and “Positive Ways of Living” and, to help you develop your understanding, we recommend you do both. You can do the courses in any order – both are suitable for complete beginners.

Coming on a course is a great way to learn the basics and give yourself the chance to see what effect meditation and these new ideas can have on your life. It also gives you the chance to get to know the leaders and other like-minded people. To help you get the most out of the course we ask you to commit, as best you can, to attending all six sessions.

We do not charge for our meditation and Buddhism courses as we wish to make them accessible to all. We run them on a donations basis and you will be invited to give a donation to the Buddhist Centre when you come along.

If you prefer an online class: Tuesdays 7.30-9.00pm. Suitable if you’re new or newish to meditation.

If you would like to meditate with others and talk a bit about how meditation and Buddhism can help us in our lives come and join our weekly sessions. The login for this class is here. The Zoom meeting ID is 859 1224 7414 and the room opens at 7.15 for a 7.30 start. No charge – please make a donation.


Frequently asked questions

Do I need to be a Buddhist, or interested in becoming a Buddhist, to join a course?  Am I welcome if I follow another religion or am not religious?

While we introduce Buddhist ideas on these courses there is no expectation that people attending will be or will become Buddhist.  All are welcome.

What benefit will I get from joining the course?

The meditations and Buddhist ideas introduced on our courses aim to give people tools to respond creatively, rather than reactively, to the struggles and stresses of everyday life. Our approach is very down-to-earth, we want to help people live well and be a positive presence in the world.

Will meditation help me to relax?

Meditation is a means of understanding our minds – the joys and sorrows of life all come through the mind. Meditation helps us relate to this differently, which can help us to relax, and ultimately lead us to freedom.

Who will be leading the course and what experience do they have?

The courses are led by members of the Triratna Buddhist Order, or those training to join the Order, all of whom have many years of experience in meditation and Buddhism.

Why can’t I join the course if I miss the first week?

We find that people get the most out of the course when there is continuity in the group. So we don’t allow people to join the course after the first week and ask you to wait until the next course starts. There is an online meditation class that runs at the same time, so there will always be a class for you to join.

What do I need to bring to the meditation class?

We provide all the equipment you will need. Just wear reasonably comfortable clothes and turn your phone off for the evening.

What happens after I’ve completed the Introductory Courses? What next?

If you’ve been coming to the Buddhist Centre for some time then you might want to do a Going Deeper Series on a Tuesday. This is a chance to take meditation and your exploration of Buddhist ideas a bit further. You don’t need to think of yourself as a Buddhist, just someone who’s interested.  We also have a vibrant Sangha Night on Thursdays which you are welcome to attend if you’ve been coming to the Buddhist Centre regularly for 3 months or more.

Any more questions? 

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