Meditation is the art of cultivating calm, focused and positive states of mind. We teach two meditations at the Birmingham Centre, both of which have been practised in Buddhism from its earliest days.

Buddhism is a means to individual and social transformation. The word ‘Buddha’ means ‘one who is awake’ – in the sense of having woken up to reality. Buddhists believe everybody has this potential for Enlightenment and that, if we wish, we can use the principles and practices of Buddhism to begin on the path of self-transformation that eventually brings us to perfect Wisdom and Compassion.

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After you have completed our two introductory courses you can join a Going Deeper course, which is a follow-on from the introductory course for a further exploration of the Buddhist path.

We have a range of regular classes, which include a variety of opportunities to practise with others, including meditation and devotional practice.

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