Women’s Swishing/Clothes Swap Fundraiser

Monday 8 April, 6.00pm – 7.30pm

Open to all women

How does it work? Arrive at 6pm with 3 items of clothes / jewellery / bags, etc., that you are happy to give away. Then spend time meeting friends old and new, drinking tea, eating CAKE, and looking at all the exciting gifts people have brought, trying things on, etc.

Around 6.40pm we will all take at item that we’d like (a great opportunity for generosity and letting go if we all want the same thing).  Once everyone has something – hopefully that they love – we can take a further two items if we would like to. Any remaining items will be donated to a local charity shop.

So how does this raise money? There is a suggested donation of £5 for taking part!


This event is followed by the second All-Together Women’s Evening: Stories from the Pali Canon at 7.30pm (open to all women who have completed an introductory course at the Buddhist Centre).