Dharma Day

Sunday 14 July

Dharma in Everyday Life

The Dharma can be inspiring, challenging and exciting. It can also seem quite rarefied and not relevant to us as we take part in activities that the Buddha didn’t envisage, such as driving, emailing, going to a cafe, etc. How do these teachings relate to our own life?

Maitrisara, Nagadevi and Sagarasri invite you spend a day exploring this with us, as we share some creative ways into the Buddha’s teachings.

10.00 Doors open

10.30 Led Meditation

11.30 Led Reflection

1.00 Lunch

2.30 Exploring the Dharma through study, singing or collage

4.00 Pop Goes the Puja! (Sevenfold Puja with relevant music)

Clear up around 5.00 and depart

Please note: All activities are designed to be child-friendly. Accompanied children are welcome to all or any part of the day.

Please bring vegan or vegetarian lunch to share.

No charge – please make a donation towards the running costs of the Buddhist Centre if you can.