Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Course (online)

8 Mondays from 8 February 2021, 7.00–9.00pm
Led by Parveen Poonia (MSc in Teaching Mindfulness)

This evidence-based mindfulness course will help you to develop vital skills to enable you to take care of your mental/emotional wellbeing during these tumultuous times. These skills that will support you to be in the present moment, by bringing kindly awareness to your body, emotions and thoughts, rather than becoming stuck in unhelpful thought and emotional patterns that cause additional stress.  Read more about the course here.

You’ll need a computer, phone or tablet with a microphone and webcam to join this online course.

Contact Parveen 07837 412884 / parveen@mindfulinspiration.org.uk for an initial chat and to find out if this course is for you.
Cost: £170 waged / £130 unwaged.