Seeing More Clearly: Critical Thinking as a Spiritual Practice

Sunday 17 June, 10.00am – 4.00pm

A Day Retreat with Viryanaya*

Open to all who have learned Triratna meditations: mindfulness of breathing and metta bhavana.

This workshop aims to bring the benefits of clear, critical thinking to the practice of the Dharma. Poor thinking is both an expression of and a reinforcement of, negative mental states. By learning to think more clearly we can deepen our understanding of the Dharma and improve our communication with one another.

During the workshop we will begin by practising the basic techniques of analysing simple arguments and what makes a good argument. We will then look at how longer arguments are constructed and mistakes that can be made, and then we will consider what are known as Cognitive Biases. Cognitive Biases are mental habits, rooted in negative mental states, that result in poor thinking habits. If there is time we will also consider assumptions and how these can cause problems. Finally, and most importantly, we will see how mistakes in thinking and poor thinking habits can be countered by  Dharma practice, and how Dharma practice reduces the likelihood of poor thinking arising.


Please bring vegetarian or vegan lunch to share. No need to book. No charge, donations welcome.

*Viryanaya is women’s mitra convenor in Worcester