Sub-30s Meditation and Virtual Meet-Up

I enjoy watching people get shot on TV – does that make me a bad Buddhist?

For anyone under 30 who has attended the Birmingham Buddhist Centre or the University Meditation Society

Friday 9 October, 7.00-8.30pm, hosted by Chris, Matty & Friends

Lots of us enjoy winding down with our favourite TV show, book or computer game. It’s likely that some (lots?) of the content we enjoy doesn’t represent our ideals of living by the 5 precepts. Join us for a discussion of the things we enjoy for entertainment and how this fits with a Buddhist life. How does what we watch influence our mental state and ability to meditate? Are there benefits to this kind of escapism? Please feel free to watch your favourite inappropriate film beforehand and come prepared to tell us how it made you feel. 

Join us on Zoom for a half hour meditation followed by a chat. Tea/snacks/cake are very much encouraged!

The log-in is here: Meeting ID: 889 1806 6672

If you have any capacity to give a donation, you can click here to contribute.