Non-Residential Weekend Retreat

The Art of Self Compassion: How can the Dharma help us when we suffer? 
Saturday 29 December and Sunday 30 December, 10.00am – 5.00pm both days

Harsh judgement of ourselves – for not living up to the standards we set ourselves – seems to be a common human affliction. If we make a mistake, compare ourselves with somebody “better” or get criticised and blamed by others, our ability to feel metta for ourselves can be put to the test. How can we bring mindful, compassionate attention to this common cause of suffering? We will explore these themes through talks, workshops, ritual, meditation and discussion.

Led by Shantiprabha, Sagarasri and Maitrisara. Please attend for both days. Open to anyone who has completed an introductory course or familiar with the meditation practices: mindfulness of breathing and metta bhavana. No charge – please make a donation. Bring lunch to share.
Please book with the Buddhist Centre Office at or on 0121 449 5279.