New Online Dharma Class

WAKE UP! The underlying message of the Buddha
Thursdays from 24 June
1.00-2.00pm, open from 12.45 to chat

With Shuddhakirti and friends

Timeless questions are always with us: What is the meaning of life? Surely there must be more to life that this? And at times of crisis, maybe these questions are more alive than usual. The Buddha also asked these questions 2500 years ago, in relation to old age, sickness and death, which led to his great quest to be free, liberated, awakened. Finally he broke through and became Enlightened, a Buddha. What did he discover and how is it still relevant to us today?

Each week we will explore one of his teachings through a short guided meditation, a talk, then questions and discussion.

You’re welcome to come along if you are new to Buddhism or more experienced. No charge – please make a donation if you can. No need to book. Just join the Zoom meeting: