Exploring the Practice of Meditation

Day workshop with Dhammaloka and Mike Thompson

Sunday 19 December, 10.00am-4.00pm

For anyone with a regular meditation practice Our capacity to talk about practice and meditation is something that can be strengthened and learned. The skill of how to help one another notice more finely and then articulate what it is like when we meditate is also something that can be developed.

For the last two years, Mike and Dhammaloka have met regularly to meditate together and then interview each other about what actually occurred in their practice. They loosely follow an approach called “micro-phenomenological interviews” – a method which is luckily much more straightforward than it sounds. They have found that gentle, yet close, inquiry into some seemingly minor mental event enabled them to recognize a particular skill or long-standing habits or views, some helpful, some not.

The day will run from 10 to 4 with a lunch break (please bring your own lunch). The main input will be in the mornings: basic instruction including a demonstration of our approach, meditation, practising interviews in pairs, further clarification/input, followed by another round of practice. The period after lunch will be given to further practice and open questions.

We appreciate that not everyone will be able to come for the whole day, though we would strongly recommend you do so. But you are welcome to attend only the morning from 10.00am-1.00pm (or later if you are eating lunch with us – bring your own on this occasion). It will not be possible to come just for the afternoon!

To book, click here. No charge – please make a donation if you can.