Doors to Liberation: Workshops for Women Mitras

Workshops: 10.30am-1.00pm on 8 May (online), 19 June (in person), 17 July (in person)

Come to one, two or all three!  Led by Maitrimati, Suddhimani and Sagarasri

We’ll be taking our usual, confused way of understanding our experience and turning towards the marks (lakshanas) of conditioned existence – unsatisfactoriness, impermanence and insubstantiality. By delving deeply into the lakshanas we may touch a clearer way of seeing that can lead us to the liberation of wishlessness, signlessness and sunyata.

Saturday 8 May on Zoom: Dukkha and Wishlessness. Book here.

Saturday 19 June in person at the Centre: Impermanence and Signlessness. Book here.

Saturday 17 July in person at the Centre: Insubstantiality and Emptiness. Book here.

No charge – please make a donation if you can.