Dharma Day: Letters of Gold

Sunday 10 July from 10.00am

A festival event to celebrate the teachings (the Dhamma or Dharma) of the Buddha, organised by members of the ‘Daylight’ Women’s Chapter in Birmingham, including Bodhinita and Vijayasri, and led by Satyabodhini, Vijayanandi, and Maitrisara.
We invite you to bring a passage from your own favourite Dharma text and we will offer some excerpts from the Dhammapada, an early and popular Buddhist scripture.  By sharing our inspiration with each other and creatively engaging with and reflecting upon these words of wisdom we can deepen our understanding of the Buddha’s guidance.
The teachings contained in the Dhammapada are literal truth, and deserve to be engraved on our hearts in letters of gold – or fire.
Sangharakshita, founder of the Triratna Buddhist Community (Peace is a Fire 1995)
Any donation towards the Buddhist Centre’s costs will be gratefully appreciated. Please bring vegan/vegetarian food to share at lunchtime.
10.00am – Doors open and welcome
10.30am – Introduction to the theme and led meditation 
11.30am – Tea break
11.50am-12.50pm – Sharing of our favourite texts in small groups
1.00-2.00pm  –  LUNCH 
2.00pm – Creative opportunities to explore the texts further, individually or in small groups
3.00pm – Sevenfold Dhammapada Puja
4.00pm – Clear-up and depart