Buddha Day

The Buddha under the Bodhi Tree

The Buddha was born as we are born. What the Buddha overcame, we too can overcome; What the Buddha attained, we too can attain.

In a busy world we can sometimes seek nourishment in the natural world, finding a tree to sit against, our back supported by the trunk of the tree growing from the earth. Then in a quiet moment perhaps recall how transformational the Buddha’s attainment really was when he too sat under the peepul tree.

Join us for a morning of meditation and a collage of readings spoken into empty spaces, that reflect on what Siddhartha attained when he became a Buddha under the bodhi tree. Children welcome from lunchtime. In the afternoon we have several options for you to join in.

Buddha Day this year is being led by Sanghabandhu Chapter (The Band of Brothers). No charge: donations welcome.

10.00     Doors open

10.15      Introduction to the day

10.30      Meditation

11.15      Refreshments

11.45      Readings from the Pali Canon

1.00        Lunch (please bring vegan or vegetarian food to share)

2.15        Groups: Discussion of the readings (Subhamati), Creative session making offerings for the puja (Shubhra), Mantra workshop (Vipulakirti) or Family activity.

3.30        Refreshments

4.00        Puja

5.00        Clear up and leave