Attending an Event at the Buddhist Centre

In the light of recent announcements, we have been reviewing our COVID safety arrangements.

Our wish is to create a relaxing space where we can connect with one other and minimise the risk of spreading COVID (and other infections). Each one of us will need to practise kindness for others and ourselves, mindful of our own and others’ different needs.

So we will ensure:

  • There is always an option to stay socially distanced, and we will be spacing chairs and cushions accordingly.

We ask of you that:

  • You wear a mask when moving around the building, or using the toilets, and for any singing/chanting that takes place.
  • You don’t come to the Buddhist Centre if you have symptoms of COVID, and go home if you feel unwell while attending an event (so long as you are able to travel).
  • You book online for each event you want to come to, and don’t turn up without having first booked.
  • You use the track and trace code at the front door, rather than assume we will be able to alert everyone to a case of COVID infection.
  • You sanitise your hands at the front door and before using the toilets.
  • You are sensitive to the wishes of others in terms of how you interact with them, bearing in mind they may feel differently about the risks. For example, some may want to maintain social distance at all times.
  • Bring a bottled drink if you would like to – we will not be having tea breaks for shorter events.

The toilets are open for use. Paper towels are provided.

Thank you.