Complaints Procedure


 1.1. The Birmingham Buddhist Centre is seeking to put into practice the key Buddhist key ethical principles of kindness, generosity, contentment, truthfulness and awareness.

1.2. We therefore aim consistently to provide an efficient, prompt and courteous service. However, we recognise that, in order to maintain, develop and improve the quality and delivery of our services, we need to receive constructive feedback and be kept informed of any problems experienced by our service users.

1.3. The Birmingham Buddhist Centre will take seriously any feedback or complaint received and to resolve problems through the effective use of this complaints procedure. We also make service users aware of this procedure and will provide a copy of the procedure on request.

1.4. In appropriate cases we may suggest the involvement of a trusted third party to help resolve any disagreement.

1.5. The Birmingham Buddhist Centre:

1.5.1. Welcomes and recognizes the value of comments – positive and negative – made in good faith on what it does, as such feedback and suggestions can help us to review and improve our services.

1.5.2. Will treat all complaints seriously.

1.5.3. Will ensure that all trustees, employees and volunteers are aware of the complaints procedure, its significance and their responsibility for fulfilling its commitments.

1.5.4. Will investigate complaints quickly, thoroughly and effectively.

1.5.5. Will ensure the appropriate person deals with the complaint, and that the complainant is notified of the name of the person dealing with their complaint when it is acknowledged within two working days of the complaint being initially received.

1.5.6. Will keep the complainant informed about the progress of the complaint and any action taken as a result of investigation.

1.5.7. Will take action to minimise the chances of the problem recurring.

1.5.8. Will try to learn from mistakes by monitoring the type and frequency of complaints and taking them into account when planning ahead.

1.5. This policy will be reviewed annually and updated as appropriate


2.1. Correspondence at each stage of the procedure should be sent to the Birmingham Buddhist Centre, 11 Park Road. Moseley, Birmingham B13 8AB. Please ensure all correspondence is clearly addressed to the appropriate person (indicated in the stages outlined below).

2.2. You should set out your complaint clearly and precisely, giving as much detail as possible, including the date, who was involved and the circumstances leading up to your complaint being made. Please also attach copies of any previous correspondence sent and/or responses received that is relevant to the complaint being made.

2.3. The stages of the procedure are:

2.3.1. Stage 1: Contact the person who is responsible on a day-to-day basis for the relevant area of work. (If you are unsure who this is you can either contact the Birmingham Buddhist Centre on 0121 449 5279 in order that someone can advise you who to write to or, alternatively, write to the Buddhist Centre Office which will forward your complaint to the appropriate person.) We hope to be able to resolve most complaints immediately, but will acknowledge your complaint within two working days and expect to respond more fully within ten working days.

2.3.2. Stage 2: If the problem is of a personal nature, or if you are not satisfied with the response at Stage 1, you should contact the Director in writing. The Director will investigate and respond to you as soon as is reasonably practicable but within ten working days.

2.3.3. Stage 3: If you are not satisfied with the response at Stage 2, or if your complaint relates to the Director, you can raise the issue in writing with the Chair of Trustees.  The Chair will review the situation, taking into account all the information received and any previous action taken by the organization, consult the other trustees, and  make a considered response as soon as reasonably practicable but within twenty working days.

2.4. The decision of the Chair and trustees will be final.


Last reviewed: March 2012