Other Classes and Events

Free Taster: Mindfulness for Health

Sunday 22 July 3.00-4.00pm
Come and try Breathworks, a mindfulness approach which helps people living with pain, stress and illness to improve health and wellbeing. Hear more about the 8-week courses which start throughout the year.
More about Breathworks here.

Reflection Morning

Sunday 22 July, 9.00am (for meditation) or 10.00am (for reflection) – 1.00pm
There are three levels of wisdom in Buddhist practice: Listening, Reflecting and Meditating. As the second level of wisdom, the purpose of reflection is to help us question and deepen what we think we already know about the Dharma.
This group focusses particularly on reflecting in pairs or small groups, exploring how we can encourage ourselves and each other to clarify our understanding of Buddhism and thus improve the effectiveness of our practice.
Open to anyone familiar with the Metta Bhavana and Mindfulness of Breathing meditation practices. No charge – please make a donation to the Buddhist Centre.

Sangha Works: Day Retreat

Sunday 5 August, 10.00am–5.00pm

An opportunity to come together, deepen friendships and practise generosity. The simple programme will be led by Maitrisara and supported by Vicky, and will include meditation and Dharma teaching alongside working with other sangha members. Work will include helpting to maintain the home of the Birmingham sangha by repainting our reception area, bookshop and the Lotus Room, which are all in need of some love and attention.

The day is open to all sangha members, regardless of practical skills and experience. Please bring vegetarian or vegan food to share for lunch, comfortable clothes suitable for painting, and “sensible” shoes. There may be a dry-weather gardening option available on the day. If you would like to help, but need a “light” job option, or have any questions, please get in touch with Maitrisara or Vicky beforehand:

Vicky.beckett.bbc@gmail.com    or           maitrisara1@gmail.com

Want to help out at the Buddhist Centre but can’t make this day? Get in touch to talk about joining the volunteer team, either by leaving a message on the office phone, or emailing info@birminghambuddhistcentre.org.uk .

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