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Philosophy and Buddhist Ethics

Sundays 5 and 12 February, 10.00am – 4.00pm

Silavadin used to teach philosophy and has a keen interest in how Western thought intersects with the Buddhist tradition.  Join him for both of these day events to plunge deeply into these questions:

Does Trump have a coherent ethical view? That’s doubtful, but the Republicans certainly have. You might call it ‘Ethical Egoïsm’. How does it work? ‘Effective Altruism’ is a movement started by the well-known philosopher Peter Singer, and inspires many to alleviate suffering around the world. Is that a version of the Bodhisattva ideal?  Another ethical model is that of the ancient Greeks: if you develop to excellence (virtue), you will do the most good, both to yourself and others. Wasn’t that the view of the Buddha too? On this course we will explore Buddhist Ethics by putting it against the background of Western models. That can clarify our ethical views, and motivate us to live in accordance with them.

Please bring vegetarian or vegan food for a shared lunch.

Silavadin is travelling from Wales, so please book for the event, via info@birminghambuddhistcentre.org.uk. We need 8 participants, and we will ask for contributions to his travel expenses.


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