Buddha Day

Sunday 14 May, 9.00am (Order-only meditation), entry at either 10.00am or 1.00pm (doors will be locked in between), finishing approx 5.00pm
A day celebrating and exploring the Buddha, the pinnacleof human experience. Using key events from his life, we will explore the man, the questions he asked of us and how in the modern world we meet the challenge he laid for us to strive on and meet our own latent potential. Hosted by Alokavira, Amayacitta, Dharmada, Jayabodhi, Sangharuci and Sarvapala.
The day starts at 9.00am with an Order-only meditation.
Doors will open at 10.00am for a 10.30am start when the doors will be closed until 1.00pm when they will re-open for lunch.
8.50am Doors open for Order members
9.00am Order-only mantra and meditation
10.00am Doors open for all
10.30am Introduction, mantra and meditation
11.20am Tea pickup
11.30am Study/discussion groups
1.00pm Lunch (please bring vegan or vegetarian food to share)
2.00pm Chat or flat (Continue to talk or take a nap in shrine room/yoga studio.)
2.30pm Talk: Sangharuchi – What was the Buddha actually like?
3.30pm Tea Break
3.45pm Puja
Approx 5.00pm Finish and clear-up