Dharma Arts

These activities are for anyone. Not just people who meditate. Certainly not just for Buddhists. We aim to create a space where you can develop your skills and creativity.

It’s not about being a good artist, it is about looking and responding. Perhaps most important is to renounce your excuses and inhibitions, and commit this moment, or this life, to wholehearted playfulness.

Life Drawing

1st Sunday of the month, 2.00 – 4.30pm

A drop-in class. Open to all.

Developing openness, looking and responding to what is before you.

Bring own materials for drawing, painting, sculpting… There will be instruction or suggestion on hand most weeks for those that wish it. There will be opportunity to let the spirit of mindfulness and meditation inspire your creativity.

A combination of short dramatic or unusual poses and longer studies

We are looking for more models (anyone over 18, required only to sit still)

No charge – but please make a donation

5th Sunday of the month, 2.00-4.30pm

The drawing group will meet at the Buddhist Centre then go off to draw in Moseley, returning to share work towards the end of the session.

Dharma (or Buddhism) is an engagement with ethics, meditation and wisdom, the goal being to appreciate things as they truly are. Paying kindly and critical attention to how others see and live in the world can help us to step out of our habits of perception and opinion.
Participating in the Arts is a important aspect of this endeavour to see ourselves in our world with clear, fresh eyes. And this brings the taste of freedom and leads to open, kind and more creative living.