The Big Birmingham Retreat

The Four Sangrahavastus:

Generosity, Affectionate Speech, Beneficial Activity and Exemplification

14-21 April at Adhisthana

Open to all.

Why book on the Big Birmingham Retreat?

Want to…

  • Deepen your meditation practice?
  • Immerse yourself in Dharma discussion?
  • Delve into the practices of ritual and devotion?
  • Enjoy time with friends, old and new?
  • Explore how to be silent in connection with others?
  • Be nourished by the Herefordshire countryside?
  • Take time out from technology?

How much: £350 waged / £250 unwaged (including non-refundable deposit £50)

Book using the form below – you can pay your deposit here

  or book with the Buddhist Centre office at and arrange to pay by cash, cheque or bank transfer.

At the Birmingham Buddhist Centre we are aspiring to be and build a vibrant Sangha heart at the centre of our community: a place of meaning and connection.  Hence the retreat will be exploring the Buddha’s advice on the four means of unification of the sangha.  How do we live together practising generosity, affectionate speech, beneficial activity and exemplification? Why does this help us be and build a thriving community?

Retreats are an ideal way of deepening your practice and this retreat is a unique opportunity to strengthen your connections with others in Birmingham.   There will be a programme of: meditation, talks, study, ritual and free time to rest, meet with friends and enjoy the countryside.  There will also be periods of silence, which is practised in a friendly and connected atmosphere to help us listen deeply to ourselves and the world.  Retreats are also a time to turn off technology and leave behind our usual responsibilities, giving us the opportunity to be more present and experience ourselves in a new way.

The retreat will cater for all levels of experience, so whether it’s your first retreat or your fiftieth, do join us and help to be and build a vibrant Sangha Heart.