Sangha Night

Thursdays 7.00 for 7.30pm

Hosted by Singhamati and Team

At the heart of the Birmingham Buddhist Centre is a community of people that are exploring and practising Buddhism – this is the Sangha. Every Thursday night is Sangha Night, the night we come together each week to create a nourishing place of friendship, connection and depth, whilst enjoying collective meditation, Dharma and devotional practice. Like all of our events, Sangha Night will run on a donation basis.

The usual format will be: meditation, tea break, short talk on the theme then exploration of how these ancient teachings relate to our modern lives.

What’s On in August…


17 August: Baking on the Buddhist Path: Talk and Bake-Off!

Join Singhamati and Vicky for an evening eating cake and exploring the spiritual significance of baking.  We’ll start with a Bake-Off Competition to fundraise for the boiler, so bring along your best home-baked goods for a chance to win! If you’re more of a cake-eater than a cake-baker, then you’re needed in the judging area and you’ll have a chance to sample the entries before voting for your favourite. Singhamati will also be giving a talk entitled Baking on the Buddhist Path. Suggested donation for entries/cake-tasting: £5. A family friendly event.

 24 August: “Don’t just think, reflect! But what’s the difference?”, with Amayacitta, Dhammaloka and Khemadana

A sound conceptual understanding of the Dharma is an essential foundation for practice, but we cannot think our way to Enlightenment. In order to make any real progress, we need to live these concepts with as much of ourselves as possible. Reflection is a practice which helps us to develop a deeper understanding of the Buddha’s teachings, helping them become a more effective part of our every day lives.  Join us for an exploration of particular techniques designed to help us go beyond simply thinking by mining the riches of the felt sense!


New theme starting 31 August

Buddhist Practice and … Living Situations, Work, Sex, Parenting, Choosing Childlessness

The Triratna Buddhist Community is built around being committed and effective Buddhist practitioners in a whole range of lifestyles. In this exciting series we will have the opportunity to listen to short personal talks from a wide range of Order Members and Mitras about why they choose a particular lifestyle and how they practise in it. There will also be meditation, time to ask questions and the opportunity to discuss the themes ourselves! We will kick off with a talk from Paramartha on Sangharakshita’s aphorism “Commitment is primary, lifestyle is secondary but not unimportant”.

31 August: Talk by Paramartha

7 September: Buddhist Practice in our Living Situations

with talks from Rebecca Semmens-Wheeler, Roz Goddard and Rob Lee

14 September: Buddhist Practice at Work

with talks from Jnanasiddhi, David Whyte and Khemadana

21 September: Buddhist Practice and Sex and Sexual Relationships

with talks from Cait Hughes, Karunavajra and Prajnabandhu

28 September: Buddhist Practice whilst Parenting

with talks from Dharmada, Jayabodhi and Nikki Stearman

5 October: Buddhist Practice and Choosing Childlessness

with talks from Dharmashalin, Nagadevi and Pasannamati