Sangha Night

Thursdays 7.00 for 7.30pm

Hosted by Singhamati and Team

At the heart of the Birmingham Buddhist Centre is a community of people that are exploring and practising Buddhism – this is the Sangha.  Every Thursday night is Sangha Night, the night we come together each week to create a nourishing place of friendship, connection and depth, whilst enjoying collective meditation, Dharma and devotional practice. Like all of our events, Sangha Night will run on a donation basis.

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Buddham saranam gacchami … to the Buddha for refuge I go.

A new series of evenings for Sangha Night

The format will be: meditation, tea break, short talk on the theme then exploration of how these ancient teachings relate to our modern lives.

28 April: Talk – Timeless Wisdom, Modern World, by Singhamati

Sometimes I forget what Buddhism is all about! Why am I Buddhist?  What does that mean? Most of us will at some point find ourselves dwelling in doubt and casting around for ways to reconnect.  For me at those times I come back to the direct teachings of the Buddha, the stories some of us have heard a 100 times, to remind myself why I’m here and what it’s all about. Come to hear and remember this timeless wisdom which gives us strength to live well in this modern world.

4 May: Pingiya’s Praises of The Way to the Beyond – with Khemadana and Karunavajra

A strong connection with the Three Jewels is a vital part of Buddhist practice. But the Buddha died over 2,500 years ago, and it is not always possible for us to be in the presence of the Sangha. How do we form a strong connection with them when they are not physically present in our lives? As an old man Pingiya was not able to travel to see the Buddha, but his faith and inspiration were enough to keep a connection with him in his heart. By developing our own faith and inspiration, we too can keep the Buddha, and Sangha, in our hearts, even when we are not able to be with them.

 11 May: Buddha Puja with Mitra Ceremonies

Join us for this celebratory evening:  rejoicing in the Buddha’s enlightenment and witnessing friends in the sangha becoming Mitras – committing to practise as Buddhists in this community. Whether you’re old or new please feel free to join us.

18 May: Kisagotami – The Seeing that Frees – with Dayakarini and Singhamati

Most of us will know well this classic story of the Buddha’s meeting with Kisogotami, a women gone mad through suffering and grief, and how the Buddha uses skilful means to help her see and be free. How does this story relate to us now? What do we carry around that causes us to suffer? What do we need to see to be free? Come and go deeper with this timeless teaching.

25 May: The Anuruddhas – Challenges and Joys of Cooperation – with Shuddhakirti and Sangharuchi

The Buddha visits the Three Anuruddhas who live together. He enquires how it’s going and discovers that they’re living in a very high level of harmony together, and praises them. Sangharuchi and Shuddhakirti live together in Punyaloka men’s community with seven others. In a short presentation they’ll show how it’s going and then we’ll explore…. How do we respond to the challenges of cooperation and maintaining harmony in our lives, at home, at work, with the wider family? Has the Dharma helped us to deal with disharmony? What conditions help us to live in harmony?

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Theme: Transforming Mind and World
1 June The World is on Fire: How do we respond? Singhamati
8 June







The Warm Road to Reality.


In association with his new book, Mindful Emotion: A Short Course in Kindness, Paramabandhu will lead an evening on metta, with meditation and a talk exploring the far-reaching implications of this fundamental Buddhist quality. Paramabandhu has taught and lived at the London Buddhist Centre for over 25 years. He is a public preceptor and a consultant psychiatrist. This, his third book, written with Dr Jed Shamel, was published by Windhorse Publications this year.

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15 June Buddhist Action Month Event Maitrisara
22 June Summer Solstice Picnic and Soiree Team
29 June








The Play of Awakening


With all the busy-ness and heady stimulation of modern life it easy for us to lose contact with a felt sense of our own bodies. Yet the Buddhist tradition identifies awareness of the body and its movements as core to the cultivation of mindfulness and awakening.  This evening will explore practical ways to become more embodied both on the cushion and in everyday life.