Sangha Night

Thursdays 7.00 for 7.30pm

At the heart of the Birmingham Buddhist Centre is a community of people exploring and practising Buddhism – this is our sangha.  Every Thursday night is Sangha Night, when we come together to create a nourishing place of friendship, connection and depth, while enjoying the Dharma and collective meditation and devotional practice.

Our vision is to place a special emphasis on being and building a vibrant sangha heart.  If you would like to hear more about this vision and how you can be a part of it click here to listen to a recent talk given by Singhamati (Chair of the Birmingham Buddhist Centre) on this theme.

A typical Sangha Night will run as follows: short meditation, main activity, tea break, workshop/groups/ritual. However, this may be adjusted on devotional evenings or other special occasions, depending on the leader. Come along from 7.00pm, meet the leaders for the evening and the support team, and ask your questions about meditation and Buddhism.

Like all our events at the Birmingham Buddhist Centre Sangha Night will run on a donation basis.  For more information on giving, including how to set up regular giving, click here.

Coming up….

9 March: The Sangha Sings – Workshop and Choir Performance.  With Maitrisara and Vipulakirti

Singing and chanting together is a quite immediate way of experiencing sangha. We will be chanting mantras and singing harmonised songs together (led by Maitrisara). The Buddhist Centre choir will also sing some pieces of Buddhist and non-Buddhist music.
Music can create a feeling of togetherness that few other things can, so please come along and enjoy yourself; our shrine room is a wonderful place to sing in. No prior experience of singing (or chanting) is required.
16 March: East Meets West: Exploring the Myth, Symbols and Significance of Amitabha in Modern Day Buddhist Practice.  With Sthirabandhu

An evening where all are invited to bring something (poems, pictures, thankas, etc.) to bring the myth of love alive in our lives.

23 March: The Significance of Ordination – Sending Off Dave Whipp. With Dharmashalin

Where does the path take us?  Is there more to meditation than calming down and having a happier life?  Dave Whipp is heading off for 4-month retreat, during which he will be ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order. On his return he’ll have a new name and have committed himself to transforming himself and contributing to the benefit of others.
Come and wish him well and hear more about how our ideals can transform our lives.

30 March: Talk – Into Great Silence – The Radical Practice of Sangha. By Paramartha

The tiny streams gurgle loudly — Mighty waters flow in silence.” Sutta Nipata

The Buddha was known by his contemporaries to have a great love of silence and quietness. In the course of the evening Paramartha will share some reflections on the power and meaning of silence in our own lives and in the life of the sangha. It will be followed by a puja dedicated to the Buddha – the ‘silent sage’ of the Shakyas.
Catch up on previous Sangha Night Talks….

Missed last week and want to catch up?  Click here to go to the Birmingham page of Free Buddhist Audio to listen to the latest talks.

Sangha Night Programme: January–April 2017

Theme: Appreciating the Birmingham Sangha

 An exciting programme based on the inspirations of our Birmingham sangha.

12 Launch: Thursday Night is Sangha Night Singhamati
19 Talk: Sangha and the Threefold Path of Ethics, Meditation and Insight Jayabodhi
26 Mitra Talks: The Transformational Practice of Going on Retreat
2 Talk: What Sangha Means to Me? Karunavajra
9 Devotional Evening: Puja Mahasiddhi
16 Talk: Revering the Doctrine – On Discipline and Discipleship Alokavira
23 The Karuna Trust: Being a Bodhisattva in the City Sanghamani
2 Mudita: Rejoicing and Appreciating the Sangha Kulajalini and Singhamati
9 The Sangha Sings: Workshop and Choir Performance Maitrisara and Vipulakirti
16 Devotional Evening: Exploring Amitabha Sthirabandhu
23 The Significance of Ordination: Sending off Dave Whip Dharmashalin
30 Talk: Into Great Silence – The Radical Practice of Sangha Paramartha
6 Devotional Evening: Puja Singhamati
13 Reflection Evening Khemadana
20 The Big Birmingham Retreat 14-21 April: No Sangha Night