Sangha Night

Thursdays 7.00 for 7.30pm

Hosted by Singhamati and Team

At the heart of the Birmingham Buddhist Centre is a community of people that are exploring and practising Buddhism – this is the sangha. Every Thursday night is Sangha Night, where we come together each week to create a nourishing place of friendship, connection and depth, whilst enjoying collective meditation, Dharma and devotional practice. Like most of our events, it is run on a donation basis.

The timings for Sangha Night are flexible depending on the evening but the usual structure is: 35 minute meditation; tea break; input and discussion.

You can find talks from previous seasons on our Talks Page.


Theme – Faith: The Fire of the Dharma Life!


17 May.  Poetry and Writing: A means for exploring and expressing the Dharma life, with Singhamati and Roz Goddard

Poetry can help us explore and express our experience, whether that is through writing or reading it. Perhaps you don’t consider yourself someone who writes or reads poetry, or perhaps you’re an inspired poet or poetry enthusiast – either way this evening is for you.  We will meditate, read poems, share short personal stories about how poetry supports our spiritual lives, as well as giving opportunities for discussion and some exploratory writing exercises. Join Roz, a fantastic poet and poetry teacher, and Singhamati, who doesn’t consider herself a poet or poetry expert, to explore how poetry and writing can support you on your journey.

24 May. “Still Trying to Kiss the Joy as it Flies”- a talk by Jnanaketu

For over 30 years Jnanaketu has been trying to explore what it means to live in the light of the Buddha’s teaching. For him, it’s been a matter of turning over every stone: a path of honest enquiry. He thinks Napoleon got it right when he

said about battles: “First one engages, and then one sees.” And sometimes he’s felt like the chameleon on the tartan rug. He’ll be talking about where his confidence in the Dharma comes from.

31 May. Visiting Speaker: Vajragupta talking on his new book – Wild Awake: Alone, offline and in nature

“I had not met or interacted with a human being for weeks. I had just spent the night alone on a cloud-shrouded mountain. And now a fox and I looked intently at each other.…”

What is it like to be completely alone, atte

mpting to face your experience with only nature for company? Vajragupta has been doing just that every year for twenty-five years. Tonight we’ll be launching his latest book in which he recounts just how deeply these ‘solitary retreats’ have changed him, and how being immersed in nature, aware of the creatures around him, was magically transformative. Come and be inspired by stories of encounters with places and creatures that are wild and beautiful.

Buddhist Action Month: Transforming Self, Transforming World!


7 June. The altruistic dimension of the Birmingham Buddhist Centre, hosted by Khemadana

Everything we do at the Centre supports the aspiration to transform self and world. However, this doesn’t stop at the front doors and our sangha is involved in a number of activities outside the Buddhist Centre, some on our own initiative and some we undertake with other communities and faith groups. Come along and find out how we are helping support and nurture people from all walks of life around Birmingham.

14 June. Buddhists in action! hosted by Singhamati

So what does Buddhist practice look like at work? Whether that’s paid or unpaid work: as a carer or a volunteer; in a shop or call centre; in a busy office or building site; or as a teacher or health professional…. Whatever you do – how do you bring your practice to it? Join us for an evening of short personal talks and discussion exploring this theme.

21 June. Buddhist social change, with Maitrisara

Do the teachings of the Buddha apply to the wider social and political context in which we all live? What kind of a world do we wish to inhabit and what do we want to leave behind for the beings of the future? What would a society based on Buddhist wisdom and ethics look like and how do we move towards that? What kind of future do we want and how can Buddhism help to envision it and communicate it? Come and hear more on this interesting theme.

 28 June. Living the myth of Avalokitesvara: A devotional evening with Singhamati

Avalokitesvara is the Bodhisattva of Compassion who embodies practising tirelessly to alleviate suffering. What can we learn from his myth and symbolism? Immerse yourself in a devotional evening dedicated to exploring and celebrating Avalokitesvara.

5 July. The Four Actions of the Enlightened Ones, with Padmavajra.
Padmavajra will attempt to evoke the spontaneous compassionate activity of the Buddhas through a consideration of the traditional Tantric teaching known as the Four Enlightened Activities. For things to really change, it’s not enough for us to have Buddhist Action Month, what the world needs is Buddha Action all the year round!



12 July. The Summer Sangha Picnic! Arrive from 7.00pm

After the delight and success of our Summer and Winter Sangha Gatherings last year, let’s come together again to celebrate sangha in the beauty of the Buddhist Centre’s garden. Bring food, friendship and, if you like, a musical or poetic offering. This is a family-friendly event which is open to all.