Residential Breaks

Residential Breaks


The Buddhist Centre also offers overnight relaxation breaks for carers.


Frequently asked questions


Where do the breaks happen?

Charney Manor (near Wantage, Oxfordshire) – best for limited mobility as it has lots of downstairs rooms and ensuites – and Holland House (near Evesham, Worcestershire).

When are they?

Friday 15 – Sunday 17 February 2019 (Holland House)
Friday 15 – Sunday 17 March 2019 (Holland House)
How much does a break cost?
There is no charge for the break but please consider making a donation.
Since 2004 breaks have been fully funded by Birmingham City Council and, through Forward Carers, they will continue to fund the breaks substantially. But the Council’s financial situation has changed and breaks with full accommodation are costly. So from 2018 our funding has been reduced which means that we need to make up a bit of that shortfall from donations by carers. But please rest assured that we are committed to providing a break for any carer no matter what their financial circumstances. 
Whether people can make donations and how much will depend on each person’s particular circumstances. A donation is optional and everyone will be equally welcome whether or not they can help us in this way. We are simply asking for your co-operation to keep the project available to carers in the future. Some carers over the years have wanted to make a donation and we can now accept those donations. Sometimes people find a suggested donation helpful, so we would give a guideline of £20-40 for an overnight break and £40-60 for a weekend break.
Some carers will be able to benefit from a Carers Wellbeing Grant (depending on their circumstances). If yo are eligible we can help you access that grant through a carer’s assessment. This assessment involves a discussion based on a series of questions about your wellbeing and we may be able to help think through options and ideas to help protect and improve your wellbeing.
If you’d like to talk about these new arrangements, please contact Sunny on or 07426 542272.
Who is eligible?

Carers who live in Birmingham, who provide 10 hours of care per week (carers providing 50+ hours are given priority) and who care for someone in the community (not someone who is in residential care).

Are they bookable now?


How do we book?

Please email or alternatively phone 07426 542272 though it might take a bit longer to get back to you. (We are very limited in terms of administrative time so please bear with us).

When do we leave and get back?

On the overnight breaks, we leave at 10am and arrive back the following day at 6.30pm (Holland House) or 7pm (Charney Manor). The weekend timing is Friday 3pm to Sunday 5pm.

Does it matter if I have been before?

You are welcome to apply if you have been before but not in the same 12 month period please (April to March) to allow others to have a chance to attend. Note that will reserve some places for people who haven’t been on a break before.

What do we do when we are there?

Activities include: yoga, meditation, walks, meditation, Tai Chi (but not all of these on the same break). Everything is fully explained.

Can I bring the person I care for?

No, these breaks are only for carers.

I can’t manage stairs. Will it be suitable for me?

Please book a place on the Charney Manor break where there is good accessibility to all areas.

Will I have to share a room?

Not unless you have asked to or agreed to beforehand.

Will I have to share a bathroom?

Not at Charney Manor, so if that is important, please book there.

Yoga sounds a bit hard. Will it be safe for me to do it?

We adapt the yoga for all abilities. There will always be something pitched at a level you can manage.

How do we get there?

We meet at the Buddhist Centre in Moseley at 9.30am and then travel by coach to the venue. For the weekend, we meet at 3pm.

I am a young carer? Can I come too?

Sorry, we can only take carers over the age of 18.

I want to do very little over the break. Do I have to join in with activities?

You are welcome to join in as much or as little as you like.

I won’t know anyone and feel a bit nervous about that. How will I relax?

Almost everyone is in the same situation and we find that people relax very quickly and enjoy meeting new people. We have a lot of experience in creating an atmosphere where you get to know others easily.

I understand that this is run by the Buddhist Centre. I am of another faith/no faith so will this be suitable for me?

This is a secular project and many people from a wide range of faiths and none have enjoyed the breaks. We use meditations based on Buddhism but they are mainstream in health settings now – often refered to as mindfulness approaches.