The Birmingham Buddhist Centre runs on generosity.

All teachers and class teams offer their time, skills and experience voluntarily.  Everyone employed by us is paid a ‘support’ package which covers basic financial needs (food, rent, etc.), with a little extra for spending and travel. On this basis people give what they can and take what they need. Generosity therefore is our principal motivation, rather than status or the accumulation of wealth.

We are keen to develop this culture of generosity (‘dana’), so you will see that many of our events are free, but with an invitation to give what you can.

This culture of generosity extends to all aspects of the Buddhist Centre. For example, there are many opportunities to volunteer and we encourage any involvement from people who would like to contribute – from opening the door to cleaning the shrine rooms.

Generosity is a virtue that is highly regarded in Buddhism and we hope that this quality is brought to the fore at the Birmingham Buddhist Centre. In particular we hope that, if attending one of our free events, you will feel able to contribute appropriately to our running costs.

If you would like to donate by card, please click here where you can also Gift Aid your one-off donation.

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