Parinirvana Day

Sunday 17 February, 10.00am

Sunday 17 February, 10.00am – approx 5.00pm

A day celebrating the Buddha’s Parinirvana, his final passing away. Led by Dharmada, Jayabodhi, Karunamani, Khemadana and Sarvapala.

Please feel free to bring photos of loved ones who have died in the past year or so to put on the shrine, so we can bear them in mind throughout the day.

No charge – please make a donation towards the running costs of the Buddhist Centre.


9.00am:     Meditation for Order Members
10.00am:   Doors open
10.15am:   Meditation
11.00am:   Tea
11.30am:   Talk – Dharmada: Living Well in the Light of Death, followed by discussion groups on the talk
1.00pm:     Lunch (please bring vegan or vegetarian food for to share)
2.00pm:     Activities: Study, Chanting, or Meditation with Readings
3.15pm:     Tea
3.45pm:     Puja remembering and celebrating the lives of those who have died in the last year
4.45pm approx: Clear-up and leave


Triratna Day

Sunday 7 April 2019, 10.15am

Sunday 7 April

Led by Singhamati, Bodhinita and Suddhimani

Join us for our annual celebration of the wonderful Triratna Community. A chance to come together to reflect on the riches we receive and celebrate Triratna activities worldwide.

Please bring vegan or vegetarian food to share for lunch. No charge – please make a donation.


10.15am    Doors open

10.30am    Metta Bhavana

11.15am    Tea

11.40am    The Riches We Receive: A short talk and a chance for reflection and discussion

1.00pm      Lunch

2.00pm      Celebrating Triratna Worldwide: Watch the latest news from our wider community

2..45pm     Tea

3.00pm      Puja

4.30pm approx   Clear up and leave