Parinirvana Day

Sunday 18 February, 9.00am – approx 5.00pm

Led by Alokavira, Amayacitta, Dharmada, Jayabodhi, Khemadana and Sarvapala

This festival commemorates the Parinirvana, or final passing, of the Buddha.

Central to the Buddha’s teaching was that we cannot escape the suffering of old age, sickness and death. How we respond to that suffering is key to our progress as spiritual practitioners. On Parinirvana Day therefore therefore we will be exploring our responses to loss and death, be that physical or spiritual, and how the True Refuges of the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha can help us  to grow and learn from the grief and pain caused by loss.

Please feel free to bring photos of loved ones who have recently passed away to put on the shrine in order that we can bear them in mind throughout the day.

Please bring vegan or vegetarian food for a shared lunch. No charge – plese make a donation towards the running costs of the Buddhist Centre during your visit.


9:00 Order Meditation

9:45 Tea

10:00 Sangha Meditation

11:00 ‘Death, Love and Appreciation’ – opening talk by Alokavira

11:45 Tea taken into group study/reflection

13:00 Lunch

14:15 Sand Art

15:00 Short talks on loss and grief

16:00 Puja