Mindfulness and Creative Writing Day FULLY BOOKED

‘Opening up to the magic, meaning and mystery of the everyday’


Sunday 21 January, 10.00am-4.00 pm

What would it mean to connect more deeply with the day to day activities of our lives?

Join Singhamati and Roz for a day of meditation, mindfulness exercises and creative writing that will encourage us to open our hearts and minds to the magic, meaning and mystery of our everyday lives. There will be periods of meditation, (both walking and sitting) and accessible writing exercises to help us uncover our innate, playful creativity. Also an opportunity to share writing we have produced in a supportive group setting (if we would like to).

Cost: There is no set fee for this event but we encourage you to give a donation to the Buddhist Centre for the day, if you can.

Lunch: Please bring vegan or vegetarian food for our shared buffet lunch.