Awareness to Insight: A Day of Meditation and Reflection

Focusing on Awareness and Right View with Vajradevi

Sunday 25 February, 10.00am – 4.30pm

Open to men and women with at least 6 months experience of Triratna meditations.

What is the relationship between mindfulness and wisdom? How can a simple practice of ongoing awareness help us know the nature of reality? How can Right View, or Dharma perspective, liberate the mind and heart from dukkha?

Cultivating an awareness that is both receptive and reflexive, we will use the Buddha’s words from the Satipatthana Sutta, to put this profound yet accessible teaching into practice.

Please bring vegetarian/vegan food to share for lunch. Like all our sangha events the day is run by donation. Please contribute to Vajradevi’s travel expenses and support the Buddhist Centre to continue to communicate the Dharma across the West Midlands.

Vajradevi has been practising and teaching mindfulness with a strong insight dimension for many years. To further her practice she has been on a number of long retreats with specialists on satipatthana in Burma and the US. Between 2000-2007 (based in Birmingham) , with Sagarasri, she spearheaded Akashavana, our women’s ordination retreat centre, in Spain. While in Birmingham Vajradevi taught regularly at the Buddhist Centre. Follow her meditation blog here.